Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Sunday!

This was a good Easter Sunday, and it was fun to spend it with family. Lincoln had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning, and he ate more candy today than he has over the past 4 weeks combined. He also received a very nice coloring book from good clients of mine from work.
Then we went over to Grandpa Doug and Grandma Paulette's house for a great meal and some good photos.

Lincoln got a head-start on his birthday presents when Great Grandpa & Grandma Mullen spent Easter Sunday with us.
It shouldn't be left unsaid that Lincoln did a great job entertaining Lydia last night while Jenn was out and I was straigtening up the kitchen. He was a big help and Lydia has such fun watching him be a silly boy.

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Emily said...

Oh my. . . Lydia looks so darling in that dress!! and the bow!!
I think she likes dressing up. =)
p.s. The birthday outfits for Grace and Cole were perfect! Next year if you get Cole a funny card like that again, you don't need to worry about a present because he thinks it is the funniest card he's ever seen. Ha!