Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bubble Bath!

It's Easter weekend! Lincoln colored eggs for the first time today, and he did very well doing most of the things himself.
He's also been into crafts and drawing...
...and Legos. Today he wanted to take his own pictures of his Lego steps that he built. I've been pretty impressed at his budding creativity. It's also neat to see him show an interest in taking photos. It's a slow process, but he's got to start somewhere!
Jenn and I were quite motivated to put something up on our big, plain walls after spending the weekend in Franklin with Auntie Em and Uncle Jeremy. Their house is decorated so nicely that it made Jenn and me want to get off of our fannies and get decorating. So we've been going through our photos and deciding what to print, and Jenn's beend finding some neat art for various places around the house. Lincoln's been helping...
Next time you're over for a visit, you'll see our work in progress. The next real big project is painting the dining room! I'm actually looking forward to that.

Happy Easter! Remember Jesus.

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