Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red Christmas Lights

There's simply a lot of Christmas spirit at the Gates home. Lincoln is loving the Christmas lights, and he's enjoying looking through the plethora of catalogs we're receiving.
Today we made our first batch of Christmas cookies. We tried out Southern Living's and Good Housekeeping's sugar cookie recipes, and we'll let you know which we like best. Lincoln was good with cutting out the shapes and with liberally applying sprinkles. He's become quite adept at using the KitchenAid mixer. He knows to lock it before turning it on and he knows how to properly add the ingredients. He even broke his first egg today and most of it made it into the bowl. It was the cutest thing to watch him tap it on the side of the bowl 3 or 4 times. You can tell he's been watching us closely as we cook. How many 2.5 year old boys do you know who know how to correctly break an egg?

Lydia has started mimicking some behavior lately. We're also finding out that her patterns are nothing like Lincoln's patterns. She likes to eat in short frequency and big volumes in the morning and in the evening. She's got one really big nap in her for the day, and last night was the best overnight we've had. She has yet to put two similar 24-hour periods together, so we're not holding our breath for tonight. We're getting good use out of the clothes we have for her. With her spit-up frequency reaching peak performance, we get to dress her up in all sorts of different, cute outfits.

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