Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Two Christmases

Yesterday we had Donati Christmas and it was a lot of fun. This year's celebration overlapped with Aunt Beth's 60th birthday, and the rest of the Donati kids planned a funny "game" for her entitled "You're 60 from Head to Toe." They dressed Aunt Beth in a hat laced with 60 ornaments, an apron tacked with 60 bows, boots fastened with 60 buttons, a boa tied to 60 dollar bills, etc., etc. It was a hoot!

the girl cousins
One thing I really appreciate about Donati Christmas is that each year at least one family pays special tribute to Grandma & Grandpap, and this year mom found some of Grandpap's embroidery and built a theme around it. Each of the other Donati kids were given a piece of his work along with a story of its origin.

Today we celebrated a mini-Mullen Christmas. Lydia and Lincoln were in great form!
The dogs were bored.
It became clear to us today that Lincoln has been picking up on my photography habits. Some things overheard from Lincoln:
  • "You all go over there and I'll take your picture."
  • "Where's my tripod?"
  • "Hold still, Grandma Laura."
There's no doubt about it, he's listening!
The generosity of our family continues to amaze and humble Jenn and me. Despite what's going on around us and what we're hearing about the times that we're living in, the LORD continues to bless us with a loving family and more than we deserve.

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