Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Dog Swims in the Big Potty

Here's a sampling of the conversations you're missing if you're note at the Gates Home:

(Scene: Ryan just got home from work, Lincoln is helping Jenn cook dinner.)
Lincoln: "I want to do my Advent Calendar."
Ryan (deciding to use big concepts to see how much Lincoln can handle): "We've already done the Advent Calendar for today. But I'm glad you enjoy it. And it's about anticipation. You're anticipating opening the next door just like the Israelites anticipated the coming of Jesus."
Lincoln (thoughtfully): "Where are the Israelites?"

(Scene: Lincoln, running around upstairs when he should be napping. Jenn catches him in the act.)
Jenn (sternly): "Why are you running around?"
Lincoln (matter-of-factly): "I'm running around because my socks are wet."
Jenn (slightly irritated but curious): "How did your socks get wet?"
Lincoln (matter-of-factly): "Blue Dog got them wet."
Jenn (wondering where this is going): "How did Blue Dog get them wet?"
Lincoln: "I dropped him in the big potty."
(And sure enough, Blue Dog was soaking wet and sitting on the step stool by the potty.)

Jenn had her BC Spa open house on Saturday afternoon and Lincoln went down to the cabin at Leesville Lake with Grandpa. It was a big help to have him occupied for the day! (Thanks, Grandpa Doug!) Jenn had a better turn-out than she expected and she got to meet some of our neighbors, which was nice. In the evening, Jenn was putting some things away and I did a double take when I saw her because her lips looked different. I didn't remember her wearing such popping lipstick when we were out shopping. I later found out that she was sampling one of the BC Lipsticks that she was pretty skeptical about (it claimed to remove wrinkles from lips when applied). Holy cow, it worked!

On Saturday night we went Christmas shopping for Lincoln and Lydia. Remind me not to go to Toys R Us on a Saturday evening in December!

We've been getting snowed on in a big way this Sunday and Monday. Just in time for our trip on The Polar Express! I've had to shovel the driveway twice today, and Lincoln "helped" me during the lunch-time shovel on Sunday...
...and for Monday's lunch-time shovel, we just bundled him up for some play time.
Last night my Edge guys had a snowball fight in the front yard. And in typical middle school fashion, some put their coats on first while others didn't.

So tonight is The Polar Express. I'll have photos up soon showing the event.

Enjoy the winter wonderland!

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Emily said...

HAAAAA!! Those are some good stories. =)
Glad Jenn's open house went well. Can't wait to hear about the polar express.