Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Christmas

Here's a few odds and ends that will put a nice bow on the Christmas season. To see Lincoln's Gingerbread House, visit Emily's blog.

First of all, Lincoln loves his John Deere PJs!

Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Dave sent a fleece blanket for Lydia. While Lincoln's was a dinosaur blanket (a great choice!), Lydia's has birds and flowers and it goes incredibly well in her room! This is what was on the wall when Lydia arrived:
And this is the blanket that she received:

The video that follows is pretty cute. By the time we recorded this Lincoln had recited this book along with me about a dozen times, and he'd gotten to the silly stage, so his compliance wasn't quite up to par. But you'll get the gist of how story time went each night before bed.

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