Sunday, September 6, 2009


A shout out to Aunt Haley is in order!

Well, Lincoln slept through a good part of the Buckeyes' opener. That's okay, though... he didn't need to see the Buckeyes act like the game was in the bag in the second and third quarter only to make a game of it in the fourth. Don't sleep on Navy. He also needed to get a nap in before Elise's shower. Jenn and I got to spend some time with Elise and also got to see Michelle, Chris and Grady before we left. Michelle's currently looking at buying into a clinic,

Elise is just getting started.
which sounds awfully familiar, although the circumstances around her opportunity are quite different from mine: he former mentor and veterinarian died a tragic death and now the practice is for sale. Very sad to think about. So when she told her current employer about this, they offered her a buy-in to keep her around. What a dilemma. But back to Elise, it was a neat evening with some great food, and she got a good bunch of things for Isabella. Lincoln was a very good boy during the evening, and actually stayed up pretty late, well past his bed-time. We arrived home around 8:30ish, but Lincoln didn't want to sleep in this morning. Surprise.

Right now he's eating a whole piece of toast, breaking of a bite at a time. It's pretty funny to watch.

Sometime in the middle of the night, prompted by some recent events and encounters, I thought about how God so often works out good for those who aren't even seeking Him. Romans 8:28-29 comes to mind when thinking about people who love God, but I'm so glad that the LORD will literally seek out men and women who aren't interested in pursuing Him. I recalled the story of Jonah. Often the focus of this story is Jonah and the fish, but what ought to receive equal attention is that the LORD wanted to bring the people of Nineveh into relationship with Him. It is a prayer of the Gates family that those whom God is pursuing will respond to His love.

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