Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Twister

Tornado Classification
F-0 40-72 mph, Light damage
F-1 73-112 mph, Moderate damage
F-2 113-157 mph, Considerable damage
F-3 158-205 mph, Severe damage
F-4 207-260 mph, Devastating damage
F-5 261-318 mph, Violent damage

Big changes at the Gates home, and they're coming fast and furious. I arrived home during my lunch time today and Jenn said that Lincoln had been a little tornado all morning. He spreads the Tupperware lids all over the kitchen, and just when Jenn's picked them all up and returned them to the drawer, he's moved over to the drawer that contains Jenn's pasta-making materials, and he's beginning to throw the dowel rods all over the kitchen.

New today is his fascination with spinning around. He now apparently enjoys making himself dizzy enough to fall on his tush, then he spins on his little bottom until he can't sit up anymore. Then when he's gathered himself, he starts all over again, laughing all the way. All in all, I'd call him an F-0. I'll let you know when he becomes an F-1.

The following is intended for our record keeping:
Lincoln's vocabulary has expanded to: Mama, Dada, away, pug, dog, up, spaghetti, bath, pa (for Grandpa), car, lime, apple, avocado, flower, mango, Em, house, fan, bear, dino, lunch, please, more (via sign language), O's (for Cheerios), banana, berry, toast, boom... I'm probably missing a few, so I'll add them as I think of them.

We're looking forward to quite a fun weekend (and we're really glad our house is in order so we can enjoy the fun things this weekend): Lauren & Logan's B-day party, a Hopwood family visit, Buckeye football, Bugs Bunny at Blossom with the Ducharmes, and a Labor Day picnic with the MacDermotts. Wow. Look for pictures next week.

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emilypowers said...

will you be at blossom sunday night? we'll be there too!