Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing up

Lincoln's first ride on the John Deere.

This certainly won't the the last time we talk about Lincoln growing up, but it's an appropriate title for this post. He's really been going through some big changes recently: saying lots of words, becoming more and more steady on his feet, climbing up and down the stairs,
half-starting to feed himself with his spoon, wearing shoes... big strides have been made and it's really fun and special to watch.

We had our first open house this past Sunday, and there were no visitors. This didn't surprise us, as we rarely visit Sunday open houses ourselves, so we can't be upset that others didn't. And it did give us a definite date to get all the big things done in the house. Jenn and I didn't know what to do with ourselves on Monday evening after work with no home-improvement projects to be working on. Our house is as clean and finished as it's ever been. Now there's the matter of some living creature making noise in our attic 3 nights in the last month... but that's being taken care of today. Our realtor received a couple of calls last week showing interest in seeing our house, so those will probably be scheduled over the next couple of days/weeks.

Because our prize house is no longer available to us, we're going out to look at houses this afternoon. So we'll see what's out there today!

Lincoln can now walk from Grandpa's house
to the car all by himself!

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