Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a fun Easter Sunday this year, with good baskets, lots of eggs and candy, and good family time. This was Henry's first Easter experience, and he fit in well with the other two.
Lydia w/ Easter Basket
Lincoln's Easter BasketLydia's Easter BasketHenry's Easter Basket
Henry hunting for Easter eggs
Henry CraftLydia w/ Bunny Whiskers
Lydia Craft
Lydia w/ Easter CrownHenry w/ Easter Crown
Lincoln & Henry w/ eggs
Gates Family, Easter 2013
The Easter fun has continued past Sunday with fun cookies from Aunt Mary Sue.
Henry w/ CookieLydia w/ CookieLincoln w/ Cookie
We also had a fun hike on a sunny day at Kendall Lake this past weekend. Even though the sun has been out over the past couple of days here, it ain't warm in the least.
Lydia Mossy Log
Three Kids
Lydia w/ StickKendall Lake

Jenn has been logging miles in the National Park lately, and utilizing her Garmin Forerunner 210. This watch is amazing. It links up to a satellite, and then captures every detail of her run that she would ever want to analyze. On her personal Garmin page, it maps out her run, gives her average times and speed... it's crazy. I'm trying to see if there's a way to share those maps on this blog.

I want take a moment and give a shout-out to our friends Josh & Megan who just received travel approval to go bring home their little girl from China! It was an unusual string of events that led us together and then we found out that we had more than one connection... anywhoo, they signed on with CCAI a while back, and they're about to enter a whole new phase of life! Congratulations to Josh & Megan!

In other news, Lincoln is becoming quite the reader. We work with him daily with my old Victory Drill book, and his prompting, and he's really getting it. He'll be reading comfortably by the time Kindergarden starts! And speaking of Kindergarden, Jenn and I evaluated our options and chose Summit Christian School for him. It's a great combination of good programming/curriculum, cost and location/convenience, and it's a solid Christian school. The principal is a client of mine, and she invited us to an open house a while back. We were impressed with meeting the Kindergarden teacher and seeing all of the extra programs that will be available to Lincoln. We also wanted to choose a school that would be very likely to have a group of engaged, caring families associated with his class, and we're convinced that Summit Christian School is going to be a good place for him.

This past week was the big computer upgrade at the clinic. It's quite exciting to get the latest toys hardware, but it's also a tense time hoping all of the networking goes well, and then getting all of our documents switched over correctly, and this time I had to get all of my social media calendar work and scheduling switched over. But it seems to have gone well, and it has certainly kept the staff entertained, and now we won't have to worry about big upgrades for about the next 7 years.

The clinic has taken more of my mental energy lately as I anticipate having to hire a new veterinarian sometime next year. I've known the time is coming, but it's not as far over the horizon now as it has been in the past. I'm not looking forward to sorting through a stack of resumes, mostly from new grads given the current economic climate for veterinarians. But who knows what will come up in the next year to 18 months?

Jenn's going to take Lincoln to swim lessons today. She hasn't seem him swim in a long while.

Lydia is her usual dramatic, sassy self. The latest addition to the sassiness in our house is Henry. He's figuring out that he can defiantly say, "No!" and attempt to assert himself. While it's frustrating, as he used to be so obedient, it's also a good sign that he's developing well and feeling quite comfortable in his environment.

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What a good looking bunch! Love the Easter pictures.