Friday, April 19, 2013

Big Bad Wolf

Lincoln, BBW
Lincoln's preschool had their spring nursery rhyme and fairy tale show. Lincoln was the Big Bad Wolf.

You'd never guess it by seeing the driving rain outside right now, but we had some good weather last weekend.
Lincoln w/ Gun
Henry Scooter
Lincoln w/ CarsPirates
I've mentioned sickness in the past, but this past week has been filled with vomiting and coughing and tiredness. So far, Henry and I have been spared, and Jenn has been mildly affected. Lydia started the fun, but Lincoln has been hit the hardest. It's sad to watch, but this morning it looks like things have turned around. Lincoln didn't sleep in until 9:30, and he's back to being bossy with Henry & Lydia. We'll see if Henry and I fall to the bug in the next couple of days...

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Emily said...

Sorry you guys have been sick! I have to say that is the cutest big bad wolf that I've ever seen! Did he huff and puff??