Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dressing Like Mommy & Daddy

After the kids woke up from their nap today, they ate their snack well and played well for a while with only minimal bossiness and tears, and then I decided to do a little photo fun...
Gates Three
We're going to have to teach Henry to smile on command. You're used to seeing the big smile often found in the photos I post. But sometimes he's not smiling...
And other times he gives a medium-sized smile...
Currently, when I say, "Henry, smile!" this is what comes out...
And getting Lydia to hold still for a good photo is darn near next to impossible. So today I put her on top of a step stool where she couldn't run around.


Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter Ambyrn said I just had to come look at your new pictures of Henry before we left for church! We have been trying to teach Ethan to wink....and just look at Henry :) :)
I am pretty sure you could win several prizes for Cutest Kids Photos!! :)
Have a blessed day!

Emily said...

I wonder if Henry could be imitating your face...if you are looking through the camera with one eye when you say "smile." Just a thought... =) And oh my goodness - Lydia's pretty!