Sunday, October 7, 2012


We've got a sick little girl in the house this Sunday. That means Daddy stayed home with the twins while Mommy and Lincoln went to church. Lydia got about two-thirds of the way through Bug's Life and said, "That's all. Want Toy Story." Funny thing is, she's never seen Toy Story.. So after a while, we all went downstairs so I could start making lunch, and I looked over and saw...

Henry stayed busy through the morning, but he didn't get into too much trouble.
The photos are a bit different because I've been trying out the Snapseed app. It's pretty cool, with lots of features, kind of like a customizable Instagram. And it was free, so that was cool, too.

And how about the Cornhusker Shucking the Buckeyes displayed last night?

Finally, on a housekeeping note, I'm no longer going to be tagging the kids' names in posts. Most of the posts are about them anyway, so it was getting to be all cluttered.

Go Browns!

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