Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn at the Beaver Marsh

Yesterday was cold, but I still took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood, and Lincoln was glad we did because the oil pumper at the end of the street was working!!!!
Today was much nicer, and after a morning of getting over the end (hopefully) of runny noses, we decided to get out of the house again and take a walk to the beaver marsh.

Jenn and I enjoyed a date night last evening as Grandpa Doug and Grandma Paulette put the kids down for bed at their place. We've taken baby steps with Henry, first with Grandma putting him down at our place at the end of August, then I put him to bed at their place last week, and now this. The report was that there was a little bit of light crying, but overall he's done very well. Interstingly, as well, Henry has had no trouble with us getting him up and then going to sleep immediately after arriving back home. We knew we were fortunate with Lincoln and Lydia being very good in this area, but we can no longer lay claim to a genetic reason for this. And have we just been lucky with three kids? I think not. We believe it has to do with a variety of factors, but getting into those details here will bore most and make us sound disconnected from reality to the rest. If you're interested in knowing how we do it, message us.

But like the rest of life, when one area is going well, you can count on another area not... and there have been lots of tantrums, disobedience and assertive wills in our house lately. Chalk it up to stage-of-life, starting pre-school, a pair of two-year-olds, etc. And would you believe that Henry has been the best behaved of the three lately?

So back to our date, we went to Sushi Rock and had a fantastic dinner of eel, shrimp tempura and a shrimp/crab/salmon/tuna roll. Yum. And we got dressed up and walked around the snooty Beachwood Mall. We looked like high rollers! Or at least Jenn did.

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