Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Beautiful Fall Day

Wednesday was one of those really nice fall days, so while Jenn ran a few errands, I played and worked with the kids outside. We love the play set... not just the kids... we all love the play set. After we played on the set for a while, the kids seemed content to meander around the yard for a bit, so I decided to cut down our big mass of decorative grasses underneath our kitchen window. I had an idea that Lincoln would want to help me with it, but it was surprising to see that Lydia also wanted to help. And she was actually a help. She drug fist fulls of grass away from where I was working to a pile closer to the gate. After getting bored, she went to the sandbox. Henry wasn't much help, but he enjoyed watching from the deck.

Lincoln is still enjoying preschool. Today he made butter by "shaking up milk."

Henry is actually starting to put some sounds together. Talking is still a long way off, but he's shown strides in the past week or so that have been very encouraging.

The plan for the weekend is to head off to a pumpkin patch with Auntie Em & Ella and Grandma Paulette. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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