Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Toddler Camera Fun

This morning I was holding Henry as I was preparing breakfast, but I had to set him down to cut the omlet. He started crying, and I said, "Hold on, Henry, I just have to cut the omlet." Then Lydia walked over to Henry, stuck out her finger and said, "Dad. Cut. Egg. Hen. No. Cry." Hilarious.
Things have definitely improved within the last week as far as Henry's attitude and our response to his attitude are concerned. After weeks of frustration with crying and screaming, not eating well, throwing food, etc., Henry has settled down, and I have to believe it's because he's been getting hugged at every turn. It's not as though we weren't showing him love from the outset (far from it!), but we've stepped up our game even more, and it's paying off.
The twins have been wanting to play in the cribs during the day, and they're getting no argument from us on that front. It deinitely limits the messes.
And today while Jenn was getting her hair cut and a pedicure, Lydia, Henry and I had some fun with the camera and the remote control.
Lincoln is spending the day with Grandpa Doug at Leesville Lake, so it's a Mommy/Daddy/Toddler-Twin Day. Always an adventure!

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Emily said...

Haa! Love that Lydia. =) Looks like fun today.