Monday, August 20, 2012

For all the snot-ball sufferers... you have been lifted to the LORD in prayer.

Tonight Lincoln prayed for all of the people in the world who may have trouble breathing because they have snot-balls in their nose or because they have asthma.
On Friday we drove past Lincoln's preschool and I pointed it out to him. He said, "I won't have to go to preschool for very long because I know most things." He must take after his mom on that one because I'm sure I never said anything like that when I was young.
Henry has found his screaming voice, and over the past couple of weeks he was using it liberally when he wouldn't get his way, and the screaming would phase into an all-out tantrum. It's been hard because if/when Lincoln and Lydia behave(d) in a similar manner, we'd discipline them accordingly, but with Henry, a different standard applies. Yesterday I made it a point to pick him up and hug him at the first sign of a cry, no matter the cause, before it turned into a screaming, raging fit/tantrum. It made me cringe at first because my first thought was that it would re-enforce the behavior. It sure would with L or L. But it didn't do that at all with Henry. At each turn, he'd stop crying within 30 seconds, and then I'd set him back down and he'd go about his business. Jenn took a similar approach throught today (Monday), and things went well.
Last evening we went to an event at CCC-Hudson that was an all-campus party. It was really, really cool: live jazz, ice cream, games for the kids, plenty of space to bring a picnic dinner for the family and sit with friends. Lydia is in her element in big crowds, Lincoln was a very good boy, and Henry enjoyed the small slides, walking around with Daddy, and a little bit of the ice cream... until his mouth got too cold.
I've also learned this summer that container gardening is half-fun. The problem is that there is so little yield. I'm going to work on getting a garden in the ground next year.


Anonymous said...

Lincoln sounds like quite the little man!! Had had us both chuckling at his wise words tonight!!
And my oh my, what good parents you are!!!!!!!! I shamefully admit I did not handle Ethan's period of screaming fits to get his way nearly as gracefully/understanding. Thankfully tho he seems to have responded positively! (at least for now)
Don't think we have snot balls right now, but I am sure there are plenty out there that could use a child's plea on their behalf!! Absolute Sweetness and a lot funny!!

Angela said...

I just admire you and Jenn so much for taking on such a wonderful challenge. I'm sure the hard work now will yield extraordinary rewards. Miss you guys! I know Evan would certainly enjoy talking politics with like-minded people. :)

Emily said...

You guys are doing great!
And tell Lincoln that poor little Ella has her first congested nose and that she appreciates the prayers for her snot-balls. We hope they go away soon.