Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playset Installed!!!

Today was a full day. Henry and I did most of the grocery shopping for the Men's Retreat this weekend, then he, Lincoln and I went with Grandpa Doug down to Leesville Lake to turn on the A/C and take the load of groceries. And while we were gone, the playset got built! Yea!!!

One of the workers found a nest of bunnies in the yard. Idiot bunny. Gretel found them in the early evening, so I moved them outside the fence line. The mom saw me, so hopefully she'll care for them... and protect them from the cats.
We're continuing to have water heater problems. Because it's still under warrantee, I've been advised to try to work with GE to get it fixed because it'll either get fixed or they'll give me a new water heater. Hmmm. Maybe. I'm a little irritated that Blind & Sons didn't work to either find a solution or work with GE to find a solution. They came out to the house three times and neither a fix nor a suggestion, other than, "You really need a Rinnai with a family of five. Nevermind that three of my five can't take a shower on their own. I get that they want to sell me a new water heater, but even if they passed on the sale, at least they'd be reaping the labor costs. I'm pretty much done with them on this issue.

Jenn's out with her friends for Bible study, and I've got to review my notes for Friday evening. Adios.

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Emily said...

Wow!! Looks like a lot of fun. =)