Monday, July 30, 2012

The Parkinsons Visit NE Ohio

Our home served as Parkinson Family Central Command this weekend as Grandma Laura, Grandpa Dave and Auntie Haley arrived. The Parkinsons Columbus came up for a nice gathering on Sunday along with the Great Grandparents Mullen. Lincoln loves the attention, Lydia enjoys being a princess in the middle of everything, and Henry was demonstrating his newfound comfort among new people.
Jenn's cooking and food prep has been on full display, too.

Bathtime has been a zoo lately, as all three kids get in the big tub. Jenn is the off-the-field referee while I work on the field. And at the end, we have a little owl, a little dragon, and a little lion that run around the house!
And in fashion that has become somewhat typical, just as soon as we think we have the house in order, something happens. First it was the furnace, then it was the air conditioner, and now it seems to be the water heater & the fence at the same time. The joys of home-ownership! Note to all fence shoppers everywhere: NEVER INSTALL A PINE FENCE!!! They're crap! The base of two adjacent posts have been chewed by carpenter bees and have rotted all the way through. This, combined with the general ratty appearance of the rest of the fence, and the crappiness of many of the fence pieces... it's time for a cedar fence.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I can so sympathize with your "home-owner" woes. We have battled the AC thing for over a week (including sucking gallons of water off basement floor, REPEATEDLY). Also had to replace toilet, but at least we have them and don't have to resort to Squatties all the time!! :)
There is always something to be thankful for in the midst of trials :) :)
Wish i could have believed that a week or so ago!!!! :(
Blessings, Deanna