Friday, July 27, 2012

New Lens!

A number of things have happened since our last post, so this is a bit of a hit-the-high-points catch-up.
Last Sunday Jenn went to spend some of our Gym-Bucks while I occupied the kids at First & Main. I took bubbles to keep them busy, and that lasted about three minutes. Lydia spilled her's as soon as we got there, Henry was kind of into them, and Lincoln wanted to stand too close to me. Anyway... after that, L & L decided to run around the small square area, and Lydia has no fear of wandering too far away.
Henry's big doctor's visit was this past Wednesday. He was evaluated on his progress (very good and really only lagging in the language department) and his health (nothing is a problem). We were supposed to meet with Dr. Degeorge, a psychologist, to talk about Henry, but because he's doing very well, we spent the time with him talking about us as parents for him. All in all, it was a very productive, positive time.

Jenn has kept the Play Date Agenda going with friends from church. On Monday of this week they all decorated their own cookies. Imagine what Lydia thought of that!

Jenn gave me an early Anniversary & Birthday present: a Canon 10-22mm lens! I'm so pumped to use a real, good wide-angle lens with the kids!
Also, Jenn is in full meal-planning mode as we get ready for Grandma Laura, Grandpa Dave & Auntie Haley's visit this weekend!

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