Monday, July 16, 2012

Marker Fun

Yesterday Jenn stretched out some drawing paper on the kitchen table and gave the kids some markers and crayons.
Lincoln continues to enjoy playing with his big blocks and building things. Each day we can see more and more imagination coming through.
Jenn has been scheduling play-dates out the wahzoo. Twice in the last week they've gone to the Akron Zoo with friends.

Jenn & Extended Family have been looking at swingset options to add to our back yard. Jenn made the mistake of visitng Cedar Works and viewing their outdoor options. Trust me, it's the story of our life together. Anyway, today Jenn was talking with Lincoln about swingsets and asking him what he'd like in a swingset.

Lincoln: I like Mrs. Ucker's swing set.

Jenn: What do you like about Mrs. Ucker's swing set?

Lincoln: I'd argue for the swing underneath the treehouse part.

Jenn: Is there anything you've seen on any other swing sets that you'd like?

Lincoln (gesturing): I'd like a slide that goes way down and then comes back up again before it goes down again. And...

... and on he went. It became clear to Jenn that Lincoln has a whole swingset design in his head that he just needs to get out on paper. I'm not sure how we'll tease it all out, and then if we'd be able do meet any of those expectations once they're out, but wow! his mind is full of ideas.

And our waterheater isn't working. Cold showers stink.

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