Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reading Material

Lincoln has always been into books, seemingly from the womb. Lydia has only recently shown more than a passing interest in books. What fun to watch from our parents' perspective is what books they're each into.

Lincoln found an old book of mine that is a cartoon representation of anatomy and physiology. He's learned about red blood cells, white blood cells, how the voice box works, how the eating machine works, how we feel different temperatures and textures, etc.

Lydia has been requesting on a nightly basis a booklet that we got at the lamb farm a couple of weeks ago. It talks about the importance of farmers and ranchers to our nation and lifestyle, and is more or less a booklet of agricultural statistics. I like it, but it's hard to believe how much Lydia likes it. There's not action, no story line, and no characters, but she's riveted by it. Might we have a budding FFA?

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Emily said...

Interesting choices. =)