Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Photos of Henry

Ask and ye shall receive! Seemingly as soon as I wrote about not getting any updates, we got some photos and info on Henry today! According to the measurements, he's not grown much since the last info. Based on the photos, I wonder if he's slimmed down in some of the chub he had because his head certainly looks like it's grown. Or maybe there were some errors in measurements. Or maybe he's just ready to get away from orphanage food and onto Jenn's menu.
And by the looks of it, we've got another Gates kid that likes to stick his/her fingers in his/her mouth. Take a number.

We're eagerly anticipating getting our travel approval. Jenn has been going through Lincoln's old clothes and filling Henry's drawers. She's also been going over packing lists from our agency as well as from other families who have made the trip recently. We've got our gifts to give to the various officials along the way (BeautiControl products and Malley's Chocolates). We're working on packing extremely light as the suitcase regulations are tighter in China for in-country flights than they are in the States and on the international flights... I think when it's all said and done, we'll have packed less for this trip than for our cruise.

Speaking of our cruise, I exchanged a couple of notes with Pete Casey today. You'll recall that we shared all of our dinners on our cruise with Pete & Mo. He told me that they're ready for another cruise. So are we, but it'll be a few years before we go on one again!.

Getting back to Henry, we know the time will be coming soon when we go to bring him home. Until then, we're praying for him multiple times a day.

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Emily said...

Time to go get that boy!!
We pray for Henry every day too.