Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Another Easter has come and gone. This was particularly meaningful for us this year as our small group worked through a Passover Seder and paid close attention to the four cups of wine. So symbolic and so significant. It was great.

The kids ate more candy on Sunday than they had the previous two months combined.

Lydia has been coming out of her shell even more recently. She's sure she's talking, and I can make out a few words, but that's about it. But she's running a full conversation whether you're keeping up or not. She's also making big messes.
Unfortunately, we're not getting much of a response from Henry's orphanage in our attempts to learn how he's been growing. We'd like to know what size clothes to take with us for him, but the communication isn't flowing much right now. I'm sure they're busy with lots to do, and the staff at the orphanage doesn't even know when he's leaving, so they don't know what kind of priority to place on the requests... shoot, if they haven't received the packages we've sent, they don't even know that he's got a family yet. So there's a variety of reasons why we may not be hearing much, but we'd still like to know. All in time, I guess...

Finally, partners in crime...

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