Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lincoln to the Edge Games

Last night marked the final evening of Edge Games VIII, and I decided to take Lincoln with me. He enjoys Edge events, such as spending some time with my small group guys or going to a Wednesday evening Edge "church service." But the Edge Games are no ordinary event, and I had a suspicion that he'd like what he saw. Boy, did he ever!
The first game for our team, Togo, was Chocolate Covered Pickle. It's a relay where each kid gets to choose between answering a trivia question or eating a chocolate covered pickle. If they get the correct answer, they can run back and tag the next person. If they get it wrong, they have to eat a chocolate covered pickle. Some of the kids liked the pickles, others didn't, and Lincoln enjoyed watching the whole thing.

The next game was a number of variations on Steal The Bacon. There's not much like watching 60 middleschoolers converge on center court to gather as many balls, frisbees, ropes and pucks as they can and then throw/run/kick them back to their corner. Again, Lincoln enjoyed the show.
The evening wrapped up with the annual Edge's Got Talent show, and once again, these kids brought it. Winning the whole event was Brandon, one of my small group guys. He played a song that he'd written himself. If you're on facebook, you can watch a less loud version here (he played a rockin' electric version for the talent show). While there were other very good acts, Brandon was clearly the best act, and the most talented kid in the show, and I'm not just saying that because he's in my small group. In my opinion, he needs to be encouraged to keep writing, and the worship team at CCC in the Cafe needs to use his music during the worship time. Great job, Brandon!

Today, after Lincoln catches up on his sleep, will be a day of painting. With the rearranging of furniture that we're doing to prepare Henry's room, he and I will be painting our old double bed and setting it up in the basement. Our downstairs guest room is turning into a dorm room!
Lydia continues to crack us up. I've mentioned her talking before, but I forgot to mention that her first reliable word has been, "sna," for, "snack." She waddles into the pantry, picks up the bag of Goldfish, and waddles out to Jenn and says, "Sna." Sure, she's starting to say "dada" and "mama" with some degree of regularity, but not like "sna." Today she fell asleep on the way home from Patrick & Marrissa's house (they were watching the kids this morning). She just recently got over (another) cold, and our home is so much more pleasant when she doesn't have snot coming out of her nose. When she's not upset because she's sick, she's 100% on the move.

Lincoln finished up his final Pike class and in two weeks will be an Eel. He's making very good progress in the pool.

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Emily said...

fun! Love that picture of Lydia exiting the room! =)