Sunday, February 26, 2012


Brandon brought a cake to our most recent Edge small group get-together and it made all of us laugh.

Now it's time for listing some benchmarks for the purposes of future reflection.

  • Lincoln has been very interested in his songs in the car. These include hits from Superchick's Karaoke Superstars album such as "Big Star Machine," "Karaoke Superstars," "Super Trouper," "TV Land," "One Girl Revolution," & "Alright." Also, Superchik's "Rock What You Got," and "Hey Hey." Also, Fee's "Glory To God." Also, tobyMac's "Gone," "Made To Love," "Lose My Soul," & "Get Back Up." Also, Newboys' "Born Again." And a few other songs that aren't coming to me at the moment. What makes this all so fun and neat, is that he knows the words to these songs, and he sings along with all of them in the car.

  • Lincoln has been showing interest in a book about the planets that Auntie Em & Uncle Jeremy got for him a while back. He talks about the big storm on Jupiter, the rings on Saturn, and how small Mercury is.

  • Last evening we were reading the story of Noah, and when I got to the part about the rainbow, Lincoln said, "Dad, you probably don't remember this because I was a little boy, but once I saw a rainbow in the sky."

  • One of Lydia's new interests is climbing the step stool and playing with the light switches.

  • Lydia's also been brushing her teeth lately, and I do mean that she's brushing her teeth. She pitches a fit if we start the process without giving her a turn. This photo is from this morning. I was getting Lincoln ready, and Jenn was finishing getting dressed, and she turned around to find that Lydia had climbed up on the step stool herself.

  • Lydia has started feeding herself with a spoon. In fact, there are some things that she won't eat unless they're on a fork or a spoon and she gets to hold the spoon.

  • Lincoln has had the Dizzy Bat Bug in his mind since the Edge Games.

  • Lydia has also been adding some words to her vocabulary. "Betty" is pretty reliable. And she'll say, "Please," although it sounds more like, "Meeeese." We know what she's saying, though!

    Flashback: 2/9/2010 & 2/24/12
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    Emily said...

    I LOVE the picture of Lydia at the sink. . . she's the cutest!
    Also, so glad that Lincoln is enjoying learning about the planets. =)