Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grandma Mullen's Jell-O

Today's Lincoln-ism:

While looking through a new kids atlas and noticing the different flags, he stopped to observe that the flag of
Mauritius "looks like Grandma Mullen's Jell-O."

After both Jenn and I stopped laughing, we decided that this needed to be shared here on the blog.

Also, we decided to learn about the nation of Mauritius, pronounced "mawr-RIH-shuhs." It's a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles east of of Madagascar. It was lost by France to the UK during the Napoleonic Wars, and as a result has a mix of French and British heritage. There are no indiginous people to the island. After looking at photos, we then decided to see what it would take to visit Mauritius. The cheapest and quickest trip to Mauritius would take >$2,700 per person and the journey would take >28 hours. Even a journey from Paris would take >20 hours. Yikes!

So what started as a funny comment from Lincoln has turned into 30 minutes of investigative research on the part of his parents. We're nerds. Sue us.

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