Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last Friday was Dad's birthday and the Hopwoods joined us in a collaborative gift. I found an old trunk on Craig's List (a little creepy Craig's list is, if you ask me) and fixed it up and we "filled" it with blankets and games and a puzzle and fishing magazines and a Wild West documetary DVD series to go down to the Leesville Lake cabin. I say "filled" because those trunks are so big that even when you put what you think is a lot of stuff into them, they still look about 75% empty. But the trunk totally looks like it belongs at the cabin, and the wallpaper I found to line the inside (that's right, I wallpapered!) looks like it was meant to line trunks. We were really excited about the whole package because we know we'll all be able to use it at Leesville, and while that may sound selfish, we know that Dad enjoys sharing Leesville Lake, and the trunk will always be something that the whole family had a hand in.
We found a chair for Lydia because we discovered that she'll sit for long stretches of time in Lincoln's chair and watch him play. She's not crazy about sitting on a lap for a long period of time, but she loves the small, cushy chairs!

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Emily said...

That looks great Ryan! Good job! =)