Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Napping

These photos just don't get old for Jenn and me. Perhaps it's because he didn't sleep like this worth a darn for many months.

I had a patient show up at the clinic after we were closed and I was finishing up my paperwork, and the patient needed to have her chest tapped... but my staff had left for the day. So Jenn came to help me out and Lincoln was a trooper. He ate his pancakes for lunch in the break room while we cared for the cat in the treatment room... it really was a family operation today! Lincoln is increasingly learning what Jenn and I do, and it's pretty funny to watch his little mind work. The crazy thing to think about is this: if he does what I did, then he'll move from eating pancakes in the breakroom to saving the cats in the treatment room. Holy cow!

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Emily said...

These don't get old to me either. . . keep them coming.