Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Photos

The Hopwoods were in town last week, and we took some time to take some family photos:

For some more photos and a video of Lincoln with the Hopwoods, visit Auntie Em's blog.

Potty training started today at the Gates Home. Lincoln is running around with only a shirt on and it's pretty funny. He's told us a number of times that he has to go, which is pretty good for Day One, I think. He gets an M&M every time he goes in the potty.

I'm in the planning process for our ABF's First Annual Men's Retreat.
I've lined up a couple of guys to do the teaching, I'm planning some great meals, and I think it'll be a really neat weekend for the guys. We're having it at Dad's new place down on Leesville Lake. It's a great size for the group we'll have, it's comfortable, it's in the middle of nowhere, and the only fee is that we have to restock the toilet paper... so it's perfect! I'm a rookie men's retreat planner, but I've found some good resources, and I'm praying a ton! I'll let you know how it unfolds. (BTW, if that photo looks familiar, see here.)


Angela said...

Would welcome any potty training tips as we are also going to start tackling it as soon as the last pack of diapers is gone. Good luck!

Angela said...

Oh, and I was excited to see Leesville Lake's in the same county as where I'm from. My parents live at Lake Mohawk, which is private, but my dad has fished Leesville many times. Enjoy!