Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dry Diaper

I'm sorry I don't have photos today. This is just a historian's entry.

Lincoln has been doing great with potty training. With only slight accidents here and there, he really wants to get this right. He's enjoying his big boy underpants and receiving his "special treat" every time he uses the potty.
This morning he woke up with a dry diaper, and as soon as I took it off of him, he ran to the potty and filled it up. Awesome.

The other funny thing from this morning is that he's very proud of the three words he's learned today:
  • dismantle (as in "I dismantled my Duplo tower)
  • cylinder (as in "stack the cylinders, not the cubes")
  • strudel (as in "pass the walnut strudel")

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