Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zoo 2010 #1!!!

2009 Flashback:

We took our first trip of 2010 to the zoo, and we had a lot of fun. Lincoln was on the move in a big way and was full of funny thoughts and phrases. He's been on a monster Panda fix lately. Grandma Paulette has a big stuffed toy Panda that he loves, and he's been all about Pandas. When we were on our way to the zoo, we asked Lincoln what animal he wanted to see he answered, "Pandas!" Well... the Akron Zoo doesn't have Pandas, but they have a Red Panda, so when we told him we could see a Red Panda he said, "Blue Panda?" No... the Akron Zoo doesn't have Blue Pandas...

What got Lincoln most excited wasn't any of the animals, but the big construction equipment that was scattered around the zoo!

Half-way through the zoo, Lincoln started saying, "Jellies, jellies!" So when we got to the Jellyfish exhibit we thought he'd be excited to see the Jellyfish. He was mostly interested in the disco ball that was flashing lights around the darkened exhibit, but after we got past the disco ball, he started to pay attention to the actual animals.

Besides the Pandas, Lincoln informed us that he wanted to see the Flamingos. The Flamingo exhibit is the last thing to see before the Zoo store and the exit, so that gave him something to look forward to. The Flamingos were especially chatty today!

Just a few more weeks until our trip out to Arizona! Jenn and I are looking forward to it a lot.

Also, we've mentioned it verbally to so many people now that I don't even know who knows and who doesn't, but in case you haven't heard yet, Lincoln will be a big brother sometime in October (for Jenn's sake, hopefully not in November!). Yes, we're very excited. (This news is part of the reason that we wanted to bring Gretel home when we did so that we could have a puppy house-trained before a second child comes home.) You may recall that when Jenn and I first got married, she was not interested in our having kids. But as time passed, and we befriended some really great couples who were really great parents, our desire was not just to have one child, but several. We believe that this was more than just a conclusion that we came to on our own. So we're looking forward to adding to our little Gates family in the very near future! Yes, we'll be ultrasounding as soon as our baby is big enough to see, and we'll share those with you as the weeks and months go by (we weren't blogging when we were ultrasounding Lincoln [holy cow, time flies by]).

And speaking of Gretel, things are going great on the Boxer front. We still miss Bridget greatly, but we know that life goes on and that death is a part of life. While Gretel cannot replace Bridget, Gretel has already carved out her own niche in our home. She's got loads of personality, she drives Betty nuts, and she's just darn cute with her black mask, floppy ears, and little nub. The house-training is coming along pretty well, and her fear of going down stairs is long gone. She now launches herself down the stairs and bolts around the house like she owns the place. She's also taken to crate training at night light-years ahead of Bridget (I remember many sleepless, loud-pitched-yipping nights with what was to become my favorite dog!), though she's still not the quietest during the day in her crate. She's growing well, too, weighing in at just under 14 pounds at 9 weeks old. We'll see where she finishes up, but she's pushing Betty around with ease now.

So that was more of a catch-up blog post than I originally intended for it to be. Consider yourself up to speed with the Gateses!

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