Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Addition to the Gates Home

Jenn and I found a breeder that has had a reputation of producing the type of Boxers that we like: big, barrel-chested, box-shaped-headed licking machines. They've been at it for a while, and we saw a couple of generations of their Boxers, and we liked what we saw. Last Saturday evening, while we were down south in Columbus for the Midwest Veterinary Conference, we drove a little further to Laymani Boxers to visit with Guy and Denise and their pack of Boxers. We were impressed, and we found a puppy that was ready for a home, that was well-socialized, and was not too mouthy (much like another certain boxer a little more than 7 years ago.

A pooped-out Boxer pup after lots of running around.

So we met Guy and Denise in Dover to pick up Gretel! She's adjusting quite well, and Betty has behaved admirably, as well. (Thank goodness!)

We're working on teaching Gretel to not jump, and Lincoln is working on getting adjusted.

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Emily said...

Wow! That didn't take long. . . very cute!
And good name choice!