Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aperture Learning Curve - Early

Jenn's Christmas present to me was Aperture 2, Apple's RAW photo editing software. I LOVE IT!!! I'm cleary not an expert at this stage on the learning curve, but I'm already fascinated at what this program can do. Again, I want to say at the outset that I am a very amateur photographer. I'm not a professional, nor have I taken any photography courses. I do not claim expert status. There, I feel better!

The first photo was taken at dusk on Grand Turk. Ever since I started playing around with a long shutter speed in the dark in Salt Lake City, I've looked for cool opportunities to practice. I set the shutter speed to 1/4 second, set the aperture to 2.8, and set my ISO to 100. This is what I got:
Pretty cool, if I do say so myself, for an amateur. I was attempting to get the ship to light up on the "film" more so than it did to our own eyes, and that came out alright. Of course the sky was also lightened in the process, but that was alright with me.

So then, taking Jenn's gift, I monkeyed around with one of the pics in this series (I'm only showing you one of several here to save you the boredom) a bit and came up with this:
Richer colors. Less bleaching. Manipulating shadows. It's been a blast to play with the color, light and exposure of my photos. My more experienced photo-friends (you know who you are) may be rolling their eyes about now, but for this novice, dipping my toe in the photo editing software pool has been a lot of fun.


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Emily said...

I think it looks awesome. . . I wish your photography skills would rub off on me.