Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shower & Sled

Jenn and I were both off of work today, and it's been a big day for the three of us. Lincoln now does very well in the shower with me, and he even enjoys making the shower look ship-shape when we're all done.
Jenn and I have been giving some thought to taking Lincoln sledding. We thought he might enjoy playing in the snow. Well, not so much. He was okay with watching me throw snow balls. But as soon as he got snow on his shoes, the interest was lost. He let us tow him around a bit, and he and I went down the hill once (one of the hills back around Virginia Kendall Park), but with the snow flying up in our faces, and with his having snowy eyebrows by the time I stopped the sled half-way down the hill, he checked out in a big way. There's always next year.
On another note, we've been enjoying our Christmas gifts in a big way. Jenn and I played Wii Sports Resort last night and had a good time. Lincoln's been playing with all of his new toys, too. And a big "THANK YOU!" to everyone who gave Lincoln clothes. He's wearing them all (he tends to get messy at times and wearing two outfits in a day happens at the Gates Home).

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Emily said...

Ha! I don't blame him. . . he doesn't yet understand that people think it is fun to subject themselves to the extreme cold and get a thrill from going fast down a hill. While I enjoy it too. . . BRRR!!!
Cute pics.