Monday, July 20, 2015

Jenn's First Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

And this past weekend, Jenn delivered her first wedding cake.

  • She made a mold of the lace from the bride's veil
  • hand crafted and painted the flowers
  • textured the tulle by running the fondant & veil through the pasta maker
  • (the topper is a brooch bouquet provided by the bride)
And the cake flavors…
  • Upper: dark chocolate cake w/ raspberry preserves and Nutella buttercream
  • Lower: yellow cake w/ Kahlua syrup and mascarpone espresso buttercream (think tiramisu)
  • each layer covered with dark chocolate ganache and finished with *tasty* fondant

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

In other news...

Lydia joined me at the clinic a number of times last week, and she bandaged this leg properly the first time without any instruction!

Fracture Repair

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