Thursday, August 22, 2013

Playset Enthusiasts

There was a time at the end of last summer/fall and the beginning of this summer where the kids weren't into playing on the playset. It was disheartening to Jenn and me, and we thought, "Wow. I'm glad Grandpa Dave & Grandma Laura helped us put in this nice set. /sarc"

But as I touched on in my last post, there has been a renewed interest in the playset, and they're almost ravenous about it. Lydia can't get enough of the swing, Lincoln splits his time between the swing, the trapeze and the tire swing, and Henry spends his time on the ladders, the skybox and the slide. (Noooooo swings for Henry, according to him.) It's nice that they each have their own areas that they enjoy, and when a swing is available, you can often find Jenn or me on it.
And if Lincoln's hair caught your attention, Miss Dawn gave him a faux hawk with blue gel!

Kindergarden starts next Tuesday!!!

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