Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grandma Gates' Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Grandma Gates' 92nd Birthday! She's one amazing lady, and she'd have to be to carry on the mature conversations that one would have with a good friend like Hope as well as the crazy kid conversations that she has (er, tolerates) with Lincoln, Henry and especially Lydia. (Lydia is in a phase now where any word with an "ooooo" sound in it is hilarious, particularly "dude" and "poop.")

Jenn made the birthday cake, and it was her best yet. A chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and a fondant covering with some beautiful flowers.
Last weekend we visited Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave and went to the Columbus Children's Theater for a production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. The cast was made up of High School and Middle School students, and we had front row, on-the-floor seats. The kids were way into it, and it brought back all kinds of memories for Jenn of singing the entire soundtrack when she was a girl.
Prior to Sunday's trip to the theater, I had the kids all day on Saturday and we had a lot of fun playing on the playset.

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