Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Want Your Privileges

Me:  Lydia, if you won't listen to Daddy and come when I call you, you will lose some privileges.

Lydia:  No, I want your privileges.
Lydia is back in her big girl bed, and she's not doing too bad.  The big reason for the switch now is so that she can go to the potty by herself in the morning.  I'm still having to wake up when Henry calls me at the crack of dawn to go potty, but he's really not yet ready for the change from a crib to a toddler bed, and he can't pull his pants and underpants down reliably yet, so the benfits to moving him to a toddler bed don't yet outweigh the drawbacks.
Jenn continues to pound out the miles, and lately she's been finishing some of her long runs with several miles on the bike.  If she ever gets over her fear of swimming in open water, I'll be married to a triathlete.
While reviewing some blog history a while back, I recalled my post claiming that I'd turned in my Indians fan card.  My problem at the time was the ownership's unwillingness to invest in the team.  That has changed over the last several months, with clear improvements/investments made to the team, and it's showing in the results.  The Tribe isn't setting the world on fire, but they've been fun to follow, and if they could get their act together when they're actually playing Detroit, they could be burying the Tigers in this mid-season.  But as it stands, we ought to have a fun August and September.

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