Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To The Theater!

This past weekend we all went down to Columbus to join Grandma Laura, Grandpa Dave & Auntie Haley for a trip to the Columbus Children's Theater and their presentation of Cinderella. Lincoln was thrilled, and the two little ones were manageable, and it turned out to be a fun, memory-making day.
Cinderella @ Columbus Children's Theater
Cinderella @ Columbus Children's Theater
Cinderella @ Columbus Children's Theater
Cinderella @ Columbus Children's Theater
The weekend prior we went to the Ucker's house for Avery's birthday party, with a Cinco De Mayo theme. There's nothing quite like an Asian in a sombrero, don't ya think?
Henry does Cinco de Mayo
It's hard to believe that one year ago Jenn and I were in Hong Kong. That seems eons ago. Even when I look back at the photos, and recall the really neat experiences Jenn and I had there it seems like it was much longer than a year ago. So much has happened over the last year, both with our family and with our own relationship. As trying as it's been having a pair of 2-year-olds, and what inducing twins upon ourselves has meant in many diferent aspects, we can both acknowledge that our marriage is stronger this year than it was last year. Though inducing twins upon a marriage is not what I would suggest to those in need of "marriage help."

As Henry's Gotcha Day approaches, I thought it would be neat to share a video with you that never got published to this blog last year. Look how skinny his little arms and legs were. And for all of those months where I wondered if he was ever going to talk, it's hard to recall back to when he couldn't make more than a "ba!" or "da!" sound.
We've also been thinking about just how we're going to celebrate Gotcha Day. Some celebrate it like a birthday, but that's now how we're handling it. We're going to celebrate his birthday like his birthday, and celebrate Gotcha Day by recalling the day in some of its details and expressing our thankfulness that Henry is now part of our family. One of the unique ways that Henry's Gotcha Day will manifest is with a meal of Pizza & Gnocchi, our first meal together in the Italian restaurant of the Zhengzhou Crowne Plaza.
Pizza & Gnocchi
Henry stuffed his face with Italian food in a way that would likely make his Italian Great-Grandpap namesake proud.

And the countdown to our OBX vacation with Grandpa Doug & Grandma Paulette and Auntie Em, Uncle Jeremy, Grace, Cole & Ella is officially on, and has been for some time now. Can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

Jordan just came up behind my and was "cracking up" at the Little Mexican doing the Chinese squat!!!
Love it!!
And oh the Memories that have been flooding my thoughts of a year ago!
Blessings to you! Deanna

The Penner Family said...

Oh how I miss you all! I have been thinking of our travel group so much today. What a year it has been! Henry looks great! Hugs to you all!