Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photo Catch-Up

Two posts within a week! What is this, 2012?!!!

I had a bunch of photos stuck on my camera that couldn't go to Picasa because Google decided to do some crazy stuff with merging Picasa & Google+... it's a fiasco, if you ask me. So I found a convenient place to store photos for the time being, and here's to catching up.
Lydia @ zooIMG_3619
One other thing I forgot to mention: Jenn has been on a fitness and running craze. She's been racking up a bunch of miles per week, and her goal is to run in the Towpath 1/2 Marathon this coming October 13. It's darn impressive to hear her pounding the treadmill in the basement for nearly an hour at a fast pace for her short runs. Right now she's on the Towpath doing her long run for the week, something like 7 or 9 miles... holy cow! The other day, Jenn went running on the Towpath when it was snowing, and we agreed that, as we recalled watching runners in the Clintonville snow and looking at them like they were crazy and "running for fun," Jenn is one of those crazy people that runs for fun.

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