Thursday, March 21, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

Mommy & Lincoln @ GWLWatching over the Waterpark
This past Tuesday we left Lydia and Henry at Grandpa & Grandma's house for the night and Jenn and I took Lincoln to Great Wolf Lodge. We arrived in the evening, ate at Applebee's (a rarity for Lincoln), and scoped out the place in anticipation of our big day on Wednesday.
CargonetLincoln in Waterfall
Lincoln Pumping WaterLincoln on Snake
Lincoln isn't a terribly outgoing kid with things like this, so we took it slow on the slides and the pools. As time passed, he figured out that all of this was pretty fun! From riding on the big slides with me, to the little slides by himself, to the pool, to the big bucket, we all wore ourselves out and went home very tired.

"What's the big bucket?" you ask. It's a 700 gallon shower that dumps down about every 7 to 10 minutes. Just prior, a bell rings to signal it's coming, and all day long Lincoln stopped what he was doing as soon as he heard the bell. At the end of our day, we stood beneath it...
Big Bucket 1

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