Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pre-Christmas Run-Down

I know it's been a while since I last posted. My apologies. There has been lots going on in the Gates Home, and finding the time to sit down and play with photos and write has been tough. Kid stuff is a bit overwhelming right now. Work has been busy in spurts. During the down times at work I've been writing an essay with colleagues from Kentucky and Pennsylvania with the goal of having it published in JAVMA.

You read that correctly... I'm working on getting a piece published in a scholarly journal. I recall my high school days when I was writing term papers and preparing Works Cited pages and saying, "Why do I have to do this? I'm never going to have to do this again." The answer was always, "You'll need to know how to do this in college." Then, by the time I got to vet school, the answer was, "If you ever publish, you'll have to know." And my answer was always, "Yeah, right. I'm going into private practice and never entering the realm of academia again." Well, guess who has been managing the Works Cited page. That's right, and it's been a blast from the past.

So, catching up...
Lydia got moved to a toddler bed. After climbing out of her crib for about a month and not caring a lick when we'd tell her not to do it, we bit the bullet, got the toddler bed (Craig's List... speaking of things I swore I'd never do again...), and now she can climb back into her bed....
... except when she doesn't want to.
Lincoln had his Christmas program at preschool. And on the note of preschool, we received a glowing report from his teachers about his progress and abilities. They're challenging him, and he's rising to the challenges.
Oodles continues to stalk the kids. Sometimes they care that "he's reporting to Santa." Most of the time they forget about it and naughty sibling behavior rules the day.

After purchasing an artificial tree for our family room, Jenn, Lincoln and I still wanted to continue our family tradition of going to the tree farm, so Lincoln and I cut down a smaller tree today and lit it for our front porch. He and the other kids wanted to put lights up on the front of our house, so this was a compromise I was willing to make.

And then on Saturday evening, Jenn and I went to our annual ABF Christmas Party. Jenn looked stunning (and her gold shoes didn't make the photo, but... wow!) and I was more than happy to be seen with her.

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