Friday, December 7, 2012

More Visits From Oodles

Oodles has been keeping an eye on the kids, and wow, is he getting an eyeful.

This weekend we've got friends coming over to play and make Christmas cookies, so that ought to be fun.  Lincoln has also had a good week of school and a fun trip to Leesville Lake with Grandpa Doug this week.  Lydia continues to be a fountain of laugh-inducers.  Henry is truckin' along.  It's kind of neat to see Henry get into The Hungry Caterpillar and fill in some of the blanks along the way.  His speech is making slow, steady progress.

It's hard to believe we're a week into December.  Pretty soon Jenn's parents will be moved back to Ohio, pretty soon we'll be celebrating our flurry of Christmases and pretty soon Jenn and I will be on our little vacation together.

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