Sunday, October 23, 2011

Worship with Huey

The Cafe Worship Band at Christ Community Chapel (formerly known as Hudson Community Chapel) is really good. Jim Bossler leads it, and the musicians rotate a bit, but they're all fantastic at what they do. The particular grouping of guys this morning had been rehearsing all week to play in Docs Who Rock, an annual concert at E.J. Thomas Hall. The stipulation is that each band has to have at least one doctor. No problem for the CCC band, as one of the guitarists is a Doc.

Jim opened the morning by prefacing the first song, saying that after practicing all week, they didn't want to just play their songs once, and that they were going to be a little unconventional this morning. And then I heard the opening chord to my favorite Rock 'n' Roll song by my favorite Rock 'n' Roll band, I whipped out my iPad, and I recorded this...
Lincoln and I were jammin' and rockin' out in a big way. As we were leaving church, Lincoln said to Jenn, "Mr. Bossler's band played a Huey Lewis song!" Of course Jenn didn't believe him, but when I told her it was true, she said, "Well, I guess they couldn't play 'My Other Woman's Got Another Man.'"

I want to go on record saying that we're really blessed at the CCC Cafe with Jim and his crew. They're simply great worship leaders, and no one in our family takes him/them for granted.

One of Lincoln's prayer items that has become a daily habit over the past 4 months or so is to pray for "Mr. Bossler and Pastor Joe as they get ready for this Sunday." Since he's been praying for them, I 've been able to draw a point of connection when we're sitting in our seats on Sunday by saying, "Lincoln, here's Mr. Bossler/Pastor Joe. You prayed for him this week!" Lincoln's face lights up. His familiarity with them on his prayer level has made his transition to paying attention during the worship/teaching time much better.
Who knows how many pretty days we'll get in northeast Ohio before the year is up? We sure don't, and that's why we decided to make today another hiking day. Unfortunately, we didn't get too see as much color on the trees this year as last year because of a huge wind storm we had last week, but it was still a very pleasant day to be outside. Lincoln did a bunch of running, Lydia did a bunch of bouncing, Gretel ran around like a nut, Betty... well, she's still a lazy Pug... and we all came home a little more tired than when we left, which was a good thing.

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The Kendall Lake Bum Pincher was on the loose!

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