Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Son is Identified

The big news over the past week is that we have received a referral, specifically, we have chosen a boy to join our family. There isn't much we can say now online, as we're limited by the relationship between government and adoption agencies. But what we can say is this:
  • Our son comes from Henan province and we'll be bringing him home sometime around April through June of 2012. His first and middle name will become his two middle names. His new first name will be Henry.
  • We ask for your prayers for Henry. Our LORD is a great provider, and we trust that He will give Henry all that he'll need.
  • Jenn and I have entered a new phase of the adoption process: now that we know who our son is, we get to spend the next 6 to 8 months knowing that he's sitting in an orphanage. Please pray as well for our family for patience, and as we prepare for Henry's addition, and all that that means.

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    Eric and Allyson said...

    Jenn and Ryan, what exciting news. We will be praying for you all during this waiting phase, it is tough but the other side is fantastic. Wow, so excited to read your news! Praise God!