Friday, September 2, 2011


We payed a visit to Szalay's today to pick up some fruit and corn. We can measure Lincoln against the John Deeres!

Flashback 2010:
I didn't think Lydia would turn out to be as good of an eater as Lincoln was at this stage, especially with the way she started out, but she's been very, very impressive with both her wide array of tastes and with the way that she picks up bites individually and chews them (usually) one at a time.

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Emily said...

Wow! So, cool to see how much Lincoln has grown beside the John Deere. . . I smell a tradition coming on.
And Way-to-go Lydia on being a good eater! She's following in her brother's footsteps.
Looks like fun in Ohio - miss you guys.
P.S. You probably saw that we changed our blog to private - have you been able to get on it still? I sent you guys an invite.