Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lincoln Goes to Blossom to see Bugs Bunny!

Lydia is saying words. That's right. I mentioned "bye-bye" in a previous post, and she's added "dog," an occasional "da-da," and this evening after Jenn always finishes her Goodnight Moon story time with, "Night-night, Moon," Lydia pointed to the book and let out a "nie moo." Jenn and I were independently thinking that she knows many words in her mind, the limiting factor is just getting them out. Once she figures out how to form the words, we're anticipating a verbal explosion. Time will tell.

Last night was Lincoln's latest night ever as Jenn and I took him to Bugs Bunny Goes To The Symphony at Blossom Music Center. Jenn and I have been to this show a couple of times now, and after showing Lincoln some old Looney Tunes over the past couple of weeks, we felt he was ready for the big time. He had a blast! We stayed for the whole thing, even the fireworks at the end, and he got to bed around 11:30pm. Yikes! The orchesray played the score for "The Rabbit of Seville," "What's Opera, Doc!" and many others. This is the second show we've seen at Blossom where the orchestra played the score for a motion picture, and Jenn and I decided that we'd go to see just about any movie if the orchestra played along with it. They're simply fantastic.
Today I put the ladder on Lincoln's bunk bed. We decided that he's a careful enough kid that he could handle it. He's gained a ton of confidence even today on the ladder. Honestly, it's Lydia that we'll have to worry about... she's a crazy climber already! Anyway, he looks like such a big boy climbing the ladder. It was one of those, "Our son is growing up!" moments for Jenn and me.

Katie Ruhl, a friend of my parents and a member of their church and small group, had a Monarch Butterfly caterpiller that she wanted to give to us so we could see it form its chrysalis and emerge into a butterfly. My first response had little to do with the butterfly. It was, "My goodness, my parents have such good friends that they think of the grandkids of their friends. How cool is that?" Then I thought about the caterpiller and the fact that I hope we don't kill it, and how cool will it be for Lincoln to see what will come, and I hope I can get some good photos of it. So here he is now...
I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post, but our home study was approved, and now we're in the immigration-phase. This takes a while, so we're in a holding pattern. No big deal, it's just the way it is. We continually pray for "our baby in China" and that "God will prepare our home for the day the baby comes to live with us." Feel free to join us in this prayer.

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