Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day, B's & Catch-Up

Lydia has making her "B" sounds like it's going out of style. It started on Thursday, and she's barely taken a break. Recall that when Lincoln started articulating new sounds, it was the beginning of a booming vocabulary, so we'll see how much Lydia gets into. (Or how much Lincoln lets her get into!)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Lincoln, Lydia and I will share our thoughts with Mommy/Jenn as a family, but it must be said pubicly that Lincoln and Lydia have a wonderful Mommy and it's so neat to witness the role that Jenn has played as they've grown, and will play as they continue to grow. Lincoln and Lydia are quite fortunate little kiddos.

Playing a little catch-up, here are some neat photos from our trip out west that didn't make it in the last post.

First, this bunny made a bee-line for the thicket. Can you spot him?

And this lizard did the same thing. It's amazing how many of these little critters are running around the sand.

And while Lincoln and I were out for a walk, we stumbled upon these two coyotes. They don't want much to do with people, so they didn't bother with us.

Lincoln is getting more and more comfortable trying new, tough things. He's really becoming "all boy."
And finally, a self-portrait...

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