Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now that's service!

Grandma Laura & Auntie Haley will be here later on today! Yea!

Jenn's birthday came and went and she received some very nice gifts from our parents. I was in Indianapolis two days before her birthday and brought back some Oliver wine as a surprise. Then last night we had a babysitter all lined up so we could go out with friends, but plans changed at the last minute, so we decided to go to the Melting Pot for a Big Night Out. It was fabulous.

Lincoln continues to amaze us. He's really been into Big Bird Discovers The Orchestra, and he even found a paper towel roll and an old Saran Wrap roll and put one inside the other so he could slide them and said, "Look! I'm playing the trombone!" He's also been brancing out from his John Deere movies to include the Life series. This started when we began calling them "Zoo Movies." So now he gets to learn about animals during lunch time. He loves it, and the stuff he remembers is crazy!

Lydia's a bit sick now. She's been running a fever off and on for the last several days, and been a bit more clingy than normal. She's sleeping well and eating well, so that's a good thing. She'll get past it soon.
We started her on rice cereal earlier in the week. She hasn't yet figured out how to move the cereal from the front of her mouth to the back... it mostly runs out the front. Once she starts getting it, I'll post some before-and-after video.

Did you see the story about the Super Moon about a week ago? I read about it after the moon had risen off the horizon, so I couldn't do much with taking pictures, but this is what I got. Looks like typical moon shots to me, but I wasn't on a beach like the author of the story linked above.

I mentioned going to Indianapolis earlier this week. I received an invitation from a practice manager (the one who recently wrote the book on using social media in veterinary medicine) at a very progressive veterinary clinic to attend a workshop of the Veterinary Management Association of Indiana, and because I needed some extra CE, I made the drive over. It was really neat to talk business with clinics outside of the northeast Ohio area, and it was really cool to tour Broad Ripple Animal Clinic. They're doing some very cool things there, and they've given me some good ideas for Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. The medicine and surgery that we practice is exactly the same, but the logistical things that they have in place are pretty clever.

We're looking forward to hosting our guests from the west!

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Brenda K. Tassava said...

I'm glad enjoyed her gift from Indiana:) Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your ideas with the group! Maybe you and Jenn can make it to one of our future meetings....